My first trip to Singapore back in 2011

What actually I do in planning my trip?

First I will set my budget. From this planned budget, I will list all the attractions I wanna visit. I will do my own map, to see the attractions placement so that I can organize my itinerary on daily basis. From the map, I can actually plan route and mode of transportation as well to make sure the journey is feasible and efficient. I rarely read blogs from other travelers. I prefer to do my own research first, only then I will glance through other blogs making sure that I do not miss the must-go-see places and to note travel tips as well. For instance, I like travel tips like: "Buy tourist pass to save on transportation. You can get unlimited ride of MRTs and buses for 2-day and 3-day of your choice."

But, yeah I do enjoy reading reviews from Trip Advisor. Obviously, Trip Advisor makes my life easier because they have list of attractions in ranking form. So I know which places to go and what to expect based on hundreds or even thousands of reviews. Not only that, Trip Advisor also highlights the traveler's choice award for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Even better, they have forum to post any questions and discussions between community. Travelers always share their photos and personal experience including budget and fees, so basically I have complete information in planning my own trip without hassle to bloghop from one website to another. I am quite a complicated person. I really do thorough research before making purchase. What I basically factor in:

  1. Price comparison from Agoda, Traveloka, Booking etc
  2. Reviews from other travelers (Trip Advisor, Agoda, blogs).

So for this upcoming trip, I really did quite comprehensive reading to finally choose 5 Footway Inn Project Bugis for our hostel. Actually, I have stayed at 5 Footway Inn, Chinatown during my last visit in Singapore. The place is basically good, so I guess other branches might be at good par as well. Talking about my criteria selections: hostel needs to be strategically located, needs to be clean, affordable and private room is preferred. I really hope that I make a good choice this time. We are on budget trip, so we're not planning to spend much on attraction fees. Universal Studios Singapore definitely not in the list (plus I have been there before), so this trip mainly covers free entrance. We wanna appreciate nature and Singapore landscape at minimal costs. Let's see what excites me this time.

  1. Henderson Waves Bridge
  2. Colorful buildings at Little India & Umbrella Tree
  3. Mural at Haji Lane
  4. Singapore Art Museum
  5. Sentosa Island (spend our evening at Palawan + Siloso beach & Merlion Park)
  6. Gardens by the Bay (not sure to pay for Cloud Forest & Flower Dome)
  7. Sands Sky Park (quite expensive though)

Wuhuu, planning a trip makes me excited already. Now I should planning my outfits and accessories too. I always plan my style, whether I should wear skirts or leggings, a pair of comfy shoes (heels is out of list!) and breathable scarves, just to make sure I will be comfortable throughout the day. I shall consider to bring iron-less clothing since the hostel does not provide ironing facilities. I plan my outfits to avoid getting camouflaged. Outstanding photos to me means that I will be in contrast to my background and noticeable.

Okay, few days left before leaving for Singapore and I am finalizing our itinerary. I will write in details when I complete my journey. Till then, good night and have a great week ahead.


Intan R.

Cik Travelista

Shah Alam 40150, Malaysia