Last minute plan of traveling, means flight ticket can be way too expensive. So I think why not try using Traveloka to get best deals. Traveloka lists all possible flights on our date selection, we can sort from the lowest fare. It's like Trivago, I'm sure everyone is familiar with Trivago ads. But Traveloka is much more convenient, because you can compare hotels and flights in one app. I just knew that Agoda is now offering flights booking too. But for my particular date, Traveloka offers better. Good thing about Traveloka is we pay the exact amount that they display on the app. No additional charges like AirAsia or Jetstar (just to name a few) applied after checkout for each passenger. The charges vary depending on your payment method, credit card charge is usually higher comapared to debit card.

I just wanna share my experience. I got mail from Jetstar offering zero fare for flight KL-SIN. I was so happy that I got cheap fare, but there was an additional charge of RM23/way for credit card processing fee. That's when I opt to download Traveloka and see if I can get cheaper.

So using Traveloka, I got my air tickets for RM 200 return, without meals and baggage. I take Jetstar from KLIA 2 and Scoot for my return flight. Has anyone ever heard about Scoot? This is my first time to be flying with Scoot, hope all is well. I did google, Scoot was previously known as Tiger Air, a low cost airline from Singapore. I am excited for my upcoming trip. And I will let you know my experience flying with Scoot.

And... on top of that, for each registered users of Traveloka, they offer discount code for first time hotel booking at 25% OFF. So, you may book your hotel using this code, it's pretty much a good deal too.

Till then, have a nice day everyone!


Intan R.

Cik Travelista

Shah Alam 40150, Malaysia