Friday of 26th,

Time flies so fast. January will come to an end in a few days, then we will be greeted by February. I have a deadline to meet by end of this month. But... I have doubt in my mind. I am usually an optimistic person and I want to keep my personality that way. But when it comes to pressure at work, I sometimes could not handle too many things at one time. I have tried my best to excel at what I am doing. It was all okay till the last bit of my job that require something more. That something that I read, but could not understand, something that I tried but did not work out, something that I did but failed.You know the feeling of losing hope and giving up, that I am too tired to fight my own battle. Yes, it sounds a little exaggerating, but this is the battle I am in now. If I quit, I will lost. But if I try harder, there's a chance of winning though the chance is slim. So, I will try to give my best shot in completing my Mission Control Software. Come to think of it, the first day when my boss came and assigned this to me, I was worried that I could not deliver. But, now I would say that I am proud of myself that I am able to partially completing the task (from zero. I watch tutorial from You Tube; with no proper training!).

I always talk to myself that I can do this. That this help me improving my skills; which will lead to better career advancement.

Yes I did feel that I do not have energy to do it (plus things involving colleague that pissed me off), but I must create the energy and rise again. We have been told, the launch probably happens in May or June 2018. There are few crucial modules to finish before I say "Yeah, I did it!". I need to go extra mile, and keep myself motivated. I want to win this battle. After all, Nothing great ever came that easy, right?

Wish me luck, guys!

Cik Travelista

Shah Alam 40150, Malaysia