I was excited to stay at Hard Rock Hotel, the signature "Hard Rock Hotel" lights up, welcoming the guests. The lobby was nice, decorated with rich and famous rockstars' stuffs. They display musical instruments and fashionable outfit which was worn by the superstars. But the one that attracts me the most was the mosaic wall featuring The Beatles. Cool~

The room is spacious, and the room's lighting is purple! Obviously, it is the official color for Hard Rock. Everything was so good, including breakfast selections. I think the highlight of the hotel is the swimming pool. I am sure kids will love it, swimming pool with water play features as in water flumes.

What I like about this hotel is the location, it has direct access to beach. From the beach you can go for a morning stroll or jog to other end of the beach till you see beautiful beach rock formation. There is also a platform to relaxing and I see people go for fishing here. Anyways, the hotel offers free shuttle to night market. It's quite far if you wanna go by foot, maybe 20 minutes. I walked (grin).

As you know or you might not because I do not know, in-house guests are eligible for free admission to live band performance. I think Hard Rock Cafe Penang shall have bigger space, to accommodate bigger crowd. Been there first time, I kinda like it, well it may not be the first and the last.

The only thing I expect them to provide but they did not my expectation was... the gym. I thought the gym is fancy, facing the ocean or maybe a floating gym built in extended space over the swimming pool. But in reality, the gym is so small with minimal facilities. So I prefer to jog outside. I guess, they have the instinct that guests spend more time at the beach.

3 days in Penang, I am free. Freedom is the oxygen of the soul - Moshe Dayan

I promise myself to live the moments and find myself. I don't know exactly what I am looking for in life. To be honest, I don't really have plan this year though I have listed the resolutions early this year. So I thought, it's time to keep myself on track. Let's review the checklist, to make sure I checked the unchecked on the list. First thing I wanna do is, stay healthy. I rarely wake up early when I am on vacation. But this time around, I woke up at 6:00 am and run. Just a quick run. I then had my healthy breakfast at the hotel, making sure the foods are fresh, colorful and full of nutrients as suggested in food pyramid. After breakfast, I went to the beach again. I allowed the sun-kissed hopeful to get vitamin D from the sun. According to Discovery.com, the less morning light you expose yourself to, the more difficult it will be for you to fall asleep and wake up at your set time. No wonder, I have difficulties in getting sleep at night. Perhaps, I did not expose myself to morning sunlight sufficiently. Today, think about the many ways Allah S.W.T, has given us countless blessings. It is a time for self-reflection, did we remember to thank Him enough?

I realize something, I feel fresher and happier during this trip. I revisited my resolution, and I have plan to achieve them. I de-stress and put aside the problems. I made time to catch up with my bff. We had fun talking, and went out for movie. We watched the last trilogy of The Maze Runner. I am not sure whether I was tired or the film was a bit slow and boring. Despite the fact of unexciting movie, I still find the moment was interesting maybe because I watched the film with my bff. We will always have something to discuss about, throwing some uncertified comments/reviews including plots the director should consider or exclude from the movie. Catching up with bff always brighten up my day.

Been living 3 days of healthier and happier life, I hope to bring great energy for the upcoming week. I wanna demonstrate enthusiasm, be discipline by having a great routine; be an early riser, do light exercise every morning (or maybe every alternate days the least). I am going to tell the truth, that this positive vibe did help in shaping my weekly plan. I now start working out on the evening, morning exercise did take place sometimes, I am driven in completing my tasks, I manage my stress and anxiety effectively and most importantly I feel lively.

But there is another truth worth mentioning, I have planned to eat healthy during my trip. Apparently, it wasn't the case ideally. You see, Penang is truly a food heaven in Malaysia, so I ended up satisfied my cravings; nasi kandar, pasemboq, seafood and desserts. Haha. Now, need to make it up and redeem myself to eat better. Eat clean is way too unattainable.

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