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Sabah Travel Guide on Budget

Rozita and I planned for Sabah trip for quite some time. But there always something came up, as we both have a different level of hectic schedule. It's quite difficult to decide on the travel date. When I am free, she's busy dealing with her layout work. And when she's available it's me being occupied at work. We finally set to travel in March. Then she told me that her friends wanna come along, I am more than happy. Why not? The more the merrier and we can save cost for a car rental. So here we go, the story of four girls out and about in Sabah.

The travel itinerary as below:

Day 1:

We arrived in Kota Kinabalu. Checked-in at KK Suites at Gaya Street. The room is very compact. The only highlight of the hotel is the location. For a rate less than RM 100/night, I have no complaint.

We took a stroll around KK Waterfront. We had a seafood dinner at the Filipino market. This market is cheap offering a variety of seafood treasures. You must try seaweed together with sambal (chili paste + lime). I recommend shopping souvenirs at the night market instead. I think they sell the same stuffs but a lot cheaper compared to items available at the Filipino market.

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