How was your 2017? As for me, it has been an amazing year. I learn C++ to design GUI for satellite mission operation, I went to so many places (mostly local), I made people happy, I won something in sports and finally I have my own website! I am truly grateful for what I have now, for what I have been given in life, I have been surrounded by supportive family and friends and I am looking forward to more blissful moments in life. Thank you Allah.

Now, I am gonna ask you a cliche question that everybody might ask.

What are your resolutions for twenty eighteen?

I am sure many people will list their resolutions, more than 10 or 15 resolutions maybe. But do we really take our aspirations seriously? We may end up achieve nothing by year end. And I'm pretty sure, some people may not even have one! Because we know our resolutions are not attainable, based on our past experience dealing with new year resolutions.
Well, for me I have never failed to set (new and repetitive) resolutions every year. I do not expect to achieve all, but at least I make efforts to get close to them. If I did not manage to fully achieve that specific goal, I may continue next year. I am flexible, but some may think the flexibility will not push me to my full potential. Personally, I won't be too rigid because rigidness sometimes will break you. So some ways may work for you, bot not for others. Coming back to new year aspirations, I think it's good to have aim & goals in life. But the key is to set realistic goals, so you know it is possible, rather than you set something ridiculous (but super fancy resolutions) just to impress others or yourself. I read somewhere, that we need to set goals with indicator / figure / number / measurement so that we are aware and clear of what we are going for. Then we need to identify actions and timeline to complete them all.

So here goes my resolutions for twenty eighteen:

  1. Lose Weight: I bet women in the entire universe have this on mind. Am targeting to shed 5 kg (set realistic goal, remember) haha. Are we talking about 5 kg/month or 5 kg/year? Hmmm...
  2. Consistently Blogging: at least once a week with more interesting contents and ideas
  3. Going Places: am targeting to travel abroad once a year. Yayyyy, I really think this is easily achievable because I am willing to do anything for this particular resolution.
  4. Stay Healthy: Drink plenty of water, eat fresh meals, cut sugar and workout at least 3 times a week.
  5. Save $$$: I'd love toooo but when I save up, I end up using my fund to travel. How irony?
  6. Stay Positive: Do self-reflection, always be thankful, more motivational quotes pleaseee.....

Are they too much? Can I do it? Just believe you can, and go for it. We still have 364 days to realize these resolutions.

Thank you 2017, I don't have any regrets as I grow older and wiser through these lessons and let's rock twenty eighteen!

Intan R.

Cik Travelista

Shah Alam 40150, Malaysia