We are leaving for Sapporo next Tuesday at 11:35 pm. To be honest, we did many things at the very last minute. Not like my previous trip before, I did plan everything from the start like... 6 months earlier. Perhaps, I had the instinct that I might not be going to Sapporo due to work commitment. And finally, my boss has given the green light, he approved my annual leave since the work has been postponed to August (what a relief).

When my leave was approved, then only I get so excited about planning the itinerary. And thanks to my bff, she got more excited than me to do the planning as well. Somehow the excitement going for vacation is more enthusiastic than Raya. Hahaha.

So we started looking for attractions to visit and accommodation. Sapporo and Hokkaido have a lot to offer. We should have extended our vacation maybe to 10 days to cover Hakodate, Lake Toya, Asahikawa etc. Since we only have 5 full days, we only manage to cover Otaru, Sapporo and Furano. And we have to move from one city to another. This means we need to pack and repack several times, carry our bags hopping in and hopping off the trains. Need to make sure we are physically fit, then. After raya, I gained few kilos so it's time to shed the unwanted kilos.

It's peak season in July!!! Hostels are a lil expensive, we are not talking about hotels ya. Hotels will definitely burn a hole in your pockets as the price is about RM1,000 per night. Huhuhuhu. We need some time to choose the hostel because the price and the location are very important to us. We wanna stay together in the same room if possible. We do not want to share with others especially men, though we have little budget but we prefer private room. Just so you know, hostels in Furano are limited. Please book in advanced and choose room with free cancellation, in case you still considering other places.

I was assigned to plan on transportation. Do we have to buy combo ticket? Is it worth to purchase JR unlimited rides for 3 days or 5 days.There are few selections of transportation mode in Sapporo: buses, trams, subways and JR rails. We will take subway most of the time, we only take JR for farther destinations like Otaru, Chitose airport and Furano. And we decided to purchase only one pass: Furano-Biei rail ticket worth 6,500 yen with validity of 5 days including return journey to Sapporo. We will be using SAPICA prepaid card for the rest of the journey . Hope we make a wise decision :)

I wanna share one mobile app which is so beneficial to us. Please download Sapporo Info app, you will like it! This app features subway map and suggested itineraries. They also share discount coupons and tickets for foreigners.

Well, we have prepared travel itinerary, hostel booking is done, transportation is well planned. It's time to get packing stuffs ready. We just bought Air Asia check-in baggage and the price was shocking. We decided to purchase 30kg weight allocation and share (15kg each) for RM 160 one-way. It's cheaper than buy individual baggage of 20kg for RM120 one-wayy!

Today, I am going to change ringgit to yen.Referring to xe.com, 100 yen = MYR3.70.

*cryyy but yet still traveling.. *

Later today, I will do some foods shopping : instant noodle, instant fried rice, biscuits and snickers. It's just my habit that I love eating Maggi cup when abroad. The feeling is different. Hihi.

I think, everything is in placed. I have my checklist ready on what items to pack, what documents to bring and I even have my outfits plan coordinated with places to go. I also had performed web-check in for our flights, got our baggage tag printed (applicable for Air Asia flights only I guess).

I can't wait to pack my luggage, but I know that I will be struggling to pack light and minimalist. Need to watch YouTube now what are the secrets to packing light :)


Intan R.

Cik Travelista

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