my travelogue to SINGAPORE

Day 3: 22 January 2018 (Monday)

  • Today is our last day in Singapore. We have about half day to explore this city since we need to catch our flight home at 7:00pm. We planned for street photography and the theme for today is chasing rainbows. Why rainbows? It's simply because we gonna take photos at Haji Lane and Little India which revolve around vibrant mural and architecture. Haji Lane is easily accessible from our hostel, I am curiously triggered how this lane got its name because the lane basically is a placement of hip bars and lifestyle shops. Please be there early because I am sure you definitely wanna get your best shot without a photobomb. Then we went to Little India aiming to get our photos taken at the colorful building, seriously I couldn't register the name of the building on my head. I need to google it, Tan Teng Niah Villa it is. To be honest, nothing special about this particular area but the colorful villa really inviting me to go and take a shot. If you watch Asias Next Top Model (AsNTM) season 1, the models had a photo shoot here. That's the moment when I wanna get my photo taken here too. From Tan Teng Niah Villa, we walked to find Umbrella Tree at Hindoo Road. Having a map with us, we managed to find the road. It was very hot and sunny, we should give a round of applause to ourselves for our determination walking under the sun.

  • When we got there, there was no umbrella tree. I was 90% sure that's the exact location based on the photos people share on the Internet. The place is now placing a family of Elephant statue. I did not know the Umbrella tree is only temporary attraction, I was a bit frustrated but life has to go on. Haha. So we went to Chinatown for last minute shopping since we still have cash. We bought T-shirts and souvenirs e.g: key chains, fridge magnets and notebooks. They are cheap compared to other places, you will go crazy. Being cheap doesn't mean they compromise the quality. T-shirts that are bought are breathable and soft like premium cotton. So they are worth buying, plus the designs are striking and nice too.

There are two cute cafes nearby Masjid Sultan which I wanted to try. We walked in to Konditori Artisan Bakes to check out their pastries. We bought some, but just to note that the price is not that cheap. Yeah, their pastries look outstanding, they use superior ingredients I guess. How do they taste? Their pastries were yummy. and fluffy too. You guys should check them out. Then we bought gelato next door known as Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles. Sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed!!

We then headed back to hostel, picked up our stuffs, checked-out and went to the airport. We arrived early at the airport, and I had time to check out the sunflower garden. Changi Airport is definitely one of the best airport with modern and complete facilities. I kinda love the ambiance of this airport, that I don't mind spending a little more time here. I still have some cash, so I spent on Starbucks since they offer different flavors than what we have in Malaysia.. Huuu, it was a bit expensive when I converted yo ringgit. It's time to go home...With that I bid a Goodbye to Singapore and hope to visit again.

Expenses for day 3:

  1. 5 T-shirts: $30.00
  2. Notebooks: $5.00
  3. Lunch at Kg. Gelam: $5.00
  4. Konditori pastry: $5.90
  5. Lickety Gelato 3 scoops:$8.90
  6. Starbucks Latte: $8.30

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