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Day 2: 21 January 2018 (Sunday)

The hostel provides basic breakfast, selections of bread, butter and jam, milk, cereals and apples. They are good enough for us. We started our day going to Henderson Waves Bridge. we need to take MRT and bus to get to this place. No additional bus fare required as we purchased the tourist pass. so guys, please please buy the pass. It's totally worth it.The direction to Henderson Waves as the following:

>> Take MRT to Harbourfront station, walk out of Vivo City Mall.

>> Catch Bus No 131 to Henderson Road.

>> After 4 or 5 stops (couldn't recall), get off from the bus and you can see the bridge.

There's a signage to get to the Henderson Waves. It is simply amazing architecture, designed for pedestrian to walk or jog plus we get to see panoramic view of the city and the sea. This bridge connects to Mount Faber, a spot where people go trekking on weekends. We had fun here and wish we have time to go trekking too.

We catch bus again to get off at Vivo City planning to spend the rest of the day at Sentosa Island. But we have missed the stop, ended up being in the city center. It was even better, because we could make a stop at Merlion Park and Esplanade. The crowd was huge on weekend, tourists even brought their own mat to picnic at Merlion Park. It was actually difficult to get a proper shot with the iconic Merlion because there were too many people. But I gotta apply my skills to get my favorite shots, at least not being photobombed by other tourists. And the weather was scorching hot, I could feel that I got sunburned already. Grrr.. But looking at the bright side, a hot sunny day is better than rainy day. We got to explore many places, but need to re-apply sunblock and do not forget to put your shades on. We're starving, so we bought instant noodles at 7-Eleven for lunch. You know the feeling eating maggi mee abroad (hello, it's only Singapore. hahaha).

We make our way to Sentosa Island this time, planning to ride on a luge. From Vivo City mall, we bought monorail ticket direct to Sentosa Island. There are 3 stations: Waterfront Station (Universal Studios, S.E.A. Aquarium, Hard Rock Cafe), Imbiah Station (Merlion plaza, Madame Tussauds) and Beach Station (Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, Luge rides, Bungee jump, Kidzania). We first stopped at Waterfront station, tried Hokkaido Ice Cream. It tastes good but a little bit pricey. We paid $8 for three flavors which were lavender, melon and milk. Oh, before that I need to share about prayer room in Sentosa. We googled and there is one at Kidzania, but when we reached there the prayer room was accessible only for paid visitors. And it was a bit far from the beach and Sentosa luge. We happened to see signage of the prayer room, it was located at basement car park at the Beach Station. Unfortunately, there is no water supply to perform ablution at the prayer room. So we got to go to washroom on the upper level, luckily there is elevator nearby so we did not have to walk that far. It was quite hassle when it comes to find surau/prayer room. or maybe I was the one who did not look closer. I do hope they provide more Muslim-friendly services in the near future.

We went sight-seeing at Siloso beach, then bought luge tickets for $28 for 5 luge rides + 5 skyrides. It was pretty a bargain, because normal price of luge rides is about $12. We didn't have our pictures on luge, so sad but it was fun. I was a bit terrified at first, thought that I might be out of control or might be injured for going too fast. But yes, it was lot of fun and we rode the luge at night which adds the element of challenging. I was intimidated by the kids who went faster than me.

We then headed to our hostel. It was a day of fulfillment. And I have successfully achieved more than 10,000 steps today, 14,789 steps to be exact. Reaching 10,000 steps are easy when travelling, right. Because we do not bother walking when we travel, we explore places happily. Overall, tiresome of walking seems to have been diminished due to fun factor of discovering new places and meeting new people.

Expenses for day 2:

  1. Instant Noodle, Vege crackers, Reese peanut butter, mineral water: $8.50
  2. Sentosa Monorail: $4.00
  3. Baby tee M&M: $6.50 (Normal price was $39.90. Real deal, man!)
  4. Hokkaido Ice Cream:$8.00
  5. Luge + skyrides: $28.00
  6. Dinner fried kuewteow + Kathirah: $7.00

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