Day 2: 10 November 2017

We woke up early at 5 am, the driver was earlier though. Then, he took us to Bukit Panguk, Jogja photo spot about 1 hour from our hotel. Please ask your driver to take photos, they know the best angle. It turned out awesome in photos. The moment we arrived, the crowd was okay. We didn't have to queue except for the unicorn. After Bukit Panguk, we went to Hutan Pinus Mangunan. It is indeed a very nice place, my imagination went wildly unreasonable picturing myself in a scene of Twilight movie as if I was standing between Edward and Jacob. Hahaha. I don't know, the pine forest remind me of the movie. Enough for few photo shots, we then headed to Goa Pindul for cave tubing. I was hesitant at first, but thinking of finally having chance to do it.. so why not? I have never tried cave tubing before or maybe am not so into river activities. The activity was time-consuming and drained your energy levels too. Oh my, we were so exhausted. You have to like carry around your tube. The guide will take you from one point to another. I admit it was kinda fun, but ok; once is enough... Plus the river was murky. Why do I see other people's photo enjoying this activity with slightly nice river? The season I guess? We've been there during wet season.

Oh, we met a group of Malaysian girls. So we decided to go to Pantai Timang together. They actually didn't know where to go as their driver was not helpful in planning their trip. Enjoying gondola ride at Timang beach, we then headed to Pinus Pingger. Please expect longer queue here, but we were patience enough to wait for photos. They provide options to use professional photographer and will transfer your photos to your device immediately. This attraction does not have fixed fees, it's up to you how much you are willing to pay. We then had dinner at Magelang restaurant. The place is romantic with spectacular view at night. Food selection was quite limited. Price wise okay but the taste was so-so. Not impressed.
Expenses for day 2:

  1. Bukit Panguk entrance fee: IDR 2,500
  2. Bukit Panguk photo spots: IDR 9,000
  3. Hutan Pinus entrance fee: IDR 2,500
  4. Goa Pindul cave tubing + lunch: IDR 180,000
  5. Jeep to Pantai Timang return: IDR 350,000 (we hopped in 5 people) (IDR 70,000/pax)
  6. Pantai Timang gondola ride: IDR 200,000
  7. Pinus Pengger photo spots: IDR 12,000
  8. Dinner at Magelang: IDR 37,000 (fried rice and juice)

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