my travelogue to SINGAPORE


Hello everyone,

Again... It took me like 3 weeks to finally write about my experience in Singapore. Luckily I have written down about the costing and itinerary or else I will not be able to share the details. Plus, this trip was laid-back, free and easy as we went to places with free admission. I brought approximately RM 500.00 for my expenses in Singapore for three days. This amount excludes flight tickets and hostel. I even brought home some Singapore Dollars, although I have spent some money for souvenirs.

The currency at that time: 1 SGD equal to 2.99 MYR, so I had about 170 SGD. What did I do and where did I go for three days in Singapore? Stay with me, okay.

Day 1: 20 January 2018 (Saturday)

My flight to Singapore by Jetstar took off at 11:30 am. I arrived an hour later at Changi airport and planned to meet Rozita at Terminal 1. The airport is so beautiful, complete with signage and led me to Rozita easily. And first thing first, we were happy to take a selfie with Hello Kitty figure made of flowers. Chinese New Year was around the corner that time, so most of the decorations at the airport were all about CNY. We then lined- up to purchase Singapore Tourist Pass for 3 days at $20 dollars + $10 deposit. This pass covers unlimited rides of MRT and buses. It's really worth it, considering we might be taking the wrong MRT line, so an option of hop-on and hop-off the MRT from one line to another would not cost us more than we should.

Then we went straight to our hostel, 5-foot way inn Project Bugis. As the name suggest, we hopped off at Bugis station. Then we were lost as we did not know where to go. And to make things worse, it was raining heavily. We've been looking for free WiFi, but to no avail. I was kinda regretted that I did not print out the direction from MRT station to the hostel. I might have underestimated the route as I thought the hostel is located nearby Masjid Sultan. But Singapore is full of small lanes and junctions. No proper direction, you would get lost easily. So, we decided to on mobile roaming. Thanks to my bff, she made the sacrifice so that we could find our way to hostel safely. And, yesss we made it to the hostel. It was about 15 minutes walk from Bugis station to 5 foot way inn, Project Bugis. We then learned that the nearest station was Nicoll Highway about 8 minutes away from the hostel. Before that, we made a stop at the famous Zam Zam restaurant. The foods were delicious, I am not sure whether the food was really amazing or because we're too starving. But I guess, yeah the food was yummy, it tastes different from what we had in Malaysia. I will definitely recommend this place to all visitors as it is located strategically nearby Masjid Sultan. It surely can't be missed. Price-wise, affordable as they serve big portion (at least to us).

In the evening, we made our way to Gardens by the Bay. The weather was fine and sunny. So we thought, we're lucky because it has been raining everyday in KL and Singapore prior our trip. We even checked weather forecast to consider carrying a raincoat or folding umbrella with us. An hour or so later, the skies have turned gloomy. We had seen that the rain was chasing us that evening, reallyyyy. It was raining plus thunderstorm, luckily we managed to find a shade in the huge garden. And we met a couple from Holland. We talked to kill time and they're so friendly, sharing stories about them who have been to Malaysia before like 10 years ago.

The rain stopped around 7.00 pm, we then continued exploring this impressive garden. Though this was my second time visiting this place, I still find this garden fascinating. We actually planned to visit Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, but as we knew the exhibition is Dahlia Dreams (not my favorite flowers though), and the display was kinda similar to what we can experience in the shopping mall, so we skipped. We watched the light show at the garden, some kind of the super-tree color-changing with captivating music; then we left to next destination. We chilled at Clarke Quay, this place was so vibrant at night with lines up of bars and cafes. They even have an extreme swing rides here, people screamed like crazy: a truly adrenaline rush intense feeling. Looking at it was scary enough for me. I am not that thrilled and it's kinda expensive though: need to pay $45. We then returned to the hostel and called it good night.

Expenses for day 1:

  1. Singapore Tourist Pass: $30 includes $10 deposit
  2. Zam Zam Restaurant: we had chicken briyani, chicken murtabak and ice tea for $15.50 (meals for two)
  3. Nutella & go: $1.90
  4. Mineral Water: $2.50
  5. Vitamin water: $2.90

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