my travelogue to yogyakarta


Hello everyone,

It took me sometime to collect data, I mean recap about my trip to Jogja last year. I want this to be as details as travelers wanted it to be. Because travelers only concern about going to many interesting places with little budget in hand. I am not sure if my budget meets yours, but I brought RM 1,200.00 (for expenses in Jogja excluding hotel and flight ticket). The currency at that time: RM 317.00 equal IDR 1 million rupiah. So let's get started.

Day 1: 9 November 2017

We took off at 2.45 pm from KLIA2 by AirAsia and arrived at Jogja airport around 5pm. Please take note that 5 pm in Jogja is like 7 pm in KL. If I may recommend, please select earlier flight to Jogja at 11 am so that you arrive early and can go straight to Candi Prambanan because it is nearby the airport. But, cheaper fares always come with fairly non-strategic timing. So, it is your choice kayy. For our case, we arrived at 5 pm and supir was waiting. We then had dinner at Ayam Penyet Surabaya. Omgg, this is the best nasi ayam penyet everrrr.. After dinner, went to supermart to buy some stuffs (because my friend's baggage was lost when arrived in KLIA from Penang via MAS). No worries, eventually she got her stuffs TWO days later. Or else, she got to buy everything here. We checked in at The Greenhost Boutique hotel, very nice ambiance. will review about it later.
Expenses for day 1:

  1. Dinner ayam penyet surabaya : IDR 85,000 for 3 people (IDR 28,000/pax)
  2. SimPATI Simcard for 7GB Internet: IDR 60,000

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